Robert Steijn (1958) is based partly in Amsterdam, partly in Mexico City as a choreographer, director, dramaturge, performer and writer. Since four years he has been working on installations and performative events based on the intimacy of being human, he made a duet with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio, called “prelude on love” that premiered in Sao Paolo in november 2015. He made a duet with Angela Schubot, called “Brothers” that premiered in februari 2017 in Berlin. In Mexico he also initiated an artist gathering around the violence in society, called” facing the smell of death “ ( Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Chihuahua). In 2017 he was artist in residence in the research institute for dance and performing arts Ceprodac/Mexico City. His new project with Ricardo Rubio is called “loverhood” and will be developed in different cities in the world, concerning the alchemy of love. At the moment he performs on a duet with Olga Duchovnaya ( “soeur”,premiere Orleans, jan, 2108) and he made a theatre piece at Theater im Bahnhof in Graz, called “Las los den alten Scheiss”. ( premiere jan. 2018). he started the school of tender thinking, based on his knowledge of dancing the snake.


Journal #02's artcile  : Take the snake out of the closet and do not forget the deer